• July 13, 2021

    As part of the improvements to the protection control systems, for the 2021 management the renovation of the protection control panels of the Kenko substation has been planned. The Kenko substation is an important node for injection of power by the SIN and withdrawal of energy by the distribution company DELAPAZ. A Kenko substation was reached with an important 115 kV Kenko – Mazocruz transmission line. This line is the main means of supplying energy to this substation.

    Currently the Kenko substation control panels are more than 30 years old, some of them, and initially they were supplied with electromechanical relays that were gradually withdrawn and replaced by more modern ones. However, the first relays that replaced the original relays have also reached their useful lives, so their replacement is necessary. Taking advantage of this second or third relay replacement cycle, it has been found convenient to replace the complete board with another one according to the new standards that ENDE Transmission handles.

    Figure 1. Current Control and Protection Boards in SE Kenko’s control room

    or this renovation, new empty boards were acquired, which were assembled and assembled with the new relays and accessories in the La Maica warehouse workshops of ENDE transmission. The main relays were purchased in advance as part of the Mazocruz -Pallina project. All protection control and plan design engineering was carried out by specialist protection engineers with the help of a draftsman.

    Figure 2. Control and Protection Board assembled in La Maica Warehouse – ENDE Transmission

    With the new board scheme adopted by ENDE transmission, the three existing boards: 1 for line protection, 1 for bay control and another for alarm annunciator, will be replaced with a single board that fulfills the same functions. The new board houses two modern line protection relays RED 670 from ABB as Main Protection 1 and a SIEMENS 7SL87 relay as Main Protection 2. Both relays will communicate with the control center through an RTU in MMS protocol of the IEC standard 61850, in this way, considerably reducing the signal wiring to SCADA. Following the ENDE Transmission architecture, both relays will be able to control the maneuverable equipment in the bay of the Kenko-Mazocruz line, obtaining redundancy that leads to an improvement in the reliability of the Control and Protection System.

    The panel also has a GPS clock that allows the time synchronization of the equipment through the SNTP protocol and a communications switch that allows remote management of the equipment and the transmission of information for the SCADA.

    At the La Maica Store, the board underwent pre-commissioning tests to verify the satisfactory operation of the Control and Protection functions of the installed equipment. For this purpose, an analog signal injection equipment was used to simulate conditions similar to those present in the power system where it will be installed (115 kV Kenko-Mazocruz Line).

    Figure 3. Pre-commissioning tests on the Control and Protection board

    The commissioning of this new board is scheduled for the end of July. For which a cut of the Kenko-Mazocruz line will be necessary.

  • September 4, 2020