• June 15, 2021

    As a subsidiary company of ENDE, it contributes to national development, satisfying Bolivia’s electricity transmission needs, through management that ensures the creation of value for its stakeholders, continuous improvement, financial sustainability and care for the environment.

  • June 13, 2021

    As a subsidiary company of ENDE, to have a reliable national electricity transmission network, in continuous growth and strengthening, with management quality and contributing to international electricity integration.

  • Transparency. Carry out a management framed in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations, keeping the information accessible.

    Excellence. Carry out the Company’s activities with outstanding quality and continuous improvement.

    Sustainability. Carry out processes with a long-term vision.

    Sustainability. Make efficient use of economic, environmental and social resources.

    Responsibility. Fulfillment of obligations.

    Flexibility. Ability to adapt to different situations, within the framework of personal ethics and the Company’s standards and values.

    Decent job. Work in free, egalitarian, safe and humanely favorable conditions, within the framework of mutual respect.

  • July 5, 2020

  • July 4, 2020
  • July 3, 2020

    ETR is organized into five area managements, under a value chain approach consistent with process management:

    Ing. Filiberto Soto Encinas

    Direct, supervise and coordinate the operation of the Company, control compliance with the progress and objectives of the Strategic Planning. Represent ENDE Transmisión in the negotiation, development and application of international interconnection agreements. Detect and analyze new business opportunities. Carry out efforts with a tendency to promote and maintain relations between the Company and national and foreign energy and financial entities, determine the policy of Institutional relations.

    MSc. Raul Edmundo Rojas Peña

    Organize, coordinate and supervise the planning of the expansion of the Bolivian Transmission Network and international interconnections, the pre-investment studies of expansion projects, the electrical and energy studies of the system. Manage an adequate relationship with the Electricity and Nuclear Technology Supervision Authority, the National Committee for Load Dispatch and the Vice Ministry of Electricity and Alternative Energies, the agents of the Wholesale Electricity Market and with the Company’s clients, the complementary services and identify business opportunities for the Company, identify and manage the approval of network expansion projects.

    Ing. Ruben Guaman Medina

    Plan, organize, execute, evaluate, regulate, coordinate, direct, and supervise the operation and maintenance activities of the facilities, lines, substations and components of the transmission network. Ensure the availability of resources and conditions, so that the management personnel execute strategies that guarantee the continuity and efficiency of the transmission network, with the quality of service, security, cost / effectiveness ratio. Comply with the functions, but considering respect for the environment and ensuring compliance with regulations that guarantee the physical integrity of workers and assets.

    MSC. Ing. Jorge Heredia Martinez

    Define, direct, plan, organize, implement, control and validate the Engineering and Design activities of the construction of high voltage electrical infrastructure, for projects and complementary business services, following the guidelines defined by the company, the legal requirements and ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness in the execution of the projects.

    Lic. Raul Alberto Torrico Gomez.

    Manage, coordinate the economic and financial resources and human capital of the organization based on Business Policies and Strategies. Create, maintain and develop adequate management tools for Organizational Development, ensuring the effectiveness and efficiency of the processes related to Administration and Finance Management, for the proper and convenient use of the assigned resources.
  • July 2, 2020
  • Planning, Design, Construction, Operation and Maintenance of components of the high and extra high voltage electrical transmission network.

    The scope includes all permanent and temporary work centers, including activities and services under the control or influence of the Company that involve its Stakeholders.