• May 15, 2023

    UNICOM / ENDE, 03-04-2023.- In order to guarantee the continuity and quality of the supply of electricity in the department of Tarija, the National Electricity Company (ENDE) initiated the “Annual Preventive Maintenance of High Voltage Lines”.


    In the month of March the inspection of the 230 kV Las Carreras – Tarija 1 line was carried out, where Ende’s technical staff carried out an action plan for component maintenance observed in high voltage towers.In the execution of this task different Work methodologies, without having the need to cut the electricity supply to the population Tarijeña.

    Within this annual maintenance planning, inspection with promotion is contemplated to high voltage towers that could present components with some breaks or damage that They could produce some future failure.Among the main works is the change of chains of insulators, which allow the normal operation of the transmission lines and prevent interruptions in the electric power supply.

    Inspections also contemplate the verification of possible undue approaches to vegetation to transmission facilities.To do this, technical staff makes use of technological instruments that verify that the safety distances required by law.

    This is expected that all maintenance activities can prevent cuts unexpected and allow the proper functioning of the electrical energy transmission network in Tarija

  • UNICOM/ENDE CORPORACIÓN: Tarija benefits with electrical energy from the interconnected system National from the 2013 management

    UNICOM / ENDE, 19-04-2023.- The National Electricity Company has executed different projects for that the department of Tarija has electricity from the interconnected system National (SIN), leaving aside the supply by isolated systems.


    The year 2013, the first interconnection project called “Line 230 KV Punutuma – Races – Tarija ”, allowing Tarija for the first time with electricity from the system National interconnected.

    The project included the construction of a high voltage line of more than 255 kilometers in 230 Kilovoltios (KV).On the occasion, the new substation was built the races (located in the Bridge, border between the departments of Chuquisaca and Tarija) and the Tarija substation (located in the Monte Sud zone).This project allowed the connection of the Electric System isolated from Tarija to the National Interconnected System (SIN), enabling the improvement of supply conditions electric for the economic development of the region.

    2015, the “Line 230 KV Chaco – Tarija” project concluded, with an approximate length of 138 kilometers in 230 kilovolts, which allowed the injection of the energy generated in the plant South thermoelectric plant to the national interconnected system, allowing a significant improvement in the Attention to the demand for electricity throughout the country.

    In the 2022 management, the projects “line 115 kv tarija – La Angostura” and “line 115 kV Angostura – Bermejo ”, the latter allowed the municipality of Bermejo to have energy from energy of the SIN, before the constant request of the population that demanded an electricity supply without interruptions and quality.In addition, the construction of the 115 kV tarija line – Future Angostura will allow Tarija have electricity generated by the “La Ventolera” wind project.For this work They built more than 182 kilometers of high voltage lines and two modern substations.

    All these projects allowed, thanks to the investment of the National Government, the Department of Tarija has a robust high voltage electricity, quality, reliability and energy from renewable generation sources such as solar, wind and hydroelectric.


    UNICOM /ENDE, 25-04-2023.- High voltage network maintenance works began this month of April in the Urubó substation of the Department of Santa Cruz, with the implementation of “Scaffolding isolated ”, equipment that allows you to perform work at electrical substations energized. The objective is to guarantee the high voltage electricity supply without the need to suspend the service.


    Maintenance in the Urubó electric substation began with the control of hot spots identified with thermographic images, specialized personnel of ENDE Transmisión used used the isolated scaffolding to manipulate the network of 230, 115 and 69 kilovolts, energy that feeds the supply electric of the city of Santa Cruz.After several working days the system of this electrical infrastructure, allowing to guarantee a safe and quality high voltage supply.

    Isolated scaffolding are specialized equipment for work in electrical substations, are Manufactured in high -strength epoxiglass material, capable of isolating high voltage energy.

    Before starting with maintenance activities, the technical staff of the state electricity passed by a training process in electrical work techniques, skills that allow he Management of components energized safely and with the use of this equipment.

    These tasks will continue in substations throughout the country, the objective is to optimize the supply electric with the use of cutting -edge technology.Ende performs a constant update of Equipment to make improvements in the low, medium and high voltage network, in this way the system Bolivian electric is strengthened as one of the safest and reliable systems in the region South American.


  • April 13, 2023

    UNICOM/ENDE 11/03/2023.- During 2022, Ende Corporation incorporated the national interconnected system (SIN) 1,324 kilometers of high voltage lines and electrical substations with last technology generation to expand electricity coverage and guarantee the electricity supply 24 hours a day in populations that are now interconnected to SIN.


    “Thanks to these new lines we can reinforce and make our interconnected system safer National, we can say that it is one of the strongest in South America, ”said the executive president of Ende Corporation, Eng. Manuel Valle Vargas.

    Regarding the expansion of the transmission network, the interconnection of the municipalities of Bermejo was achieved (Tarija), Camiri (Santa Cruz) and several regions of the department of Beni al Sin, who now have Uninterrupted, reliable and quality electric power.

    Also, in the last management, within the projects executed by Ende and their subsidiaries to close The energy ring in the east, the construction of the Paradise substation, in Beni, is highlighted, which Incorporates the new Stacom system, equipment that mainly avoids possible collapses in the network of electric transmission

    On the other hand, projects of great importance were executed for the country, such as the transmission line “Juana Azurduy de Padilla”, which will allow energy integration with the neighboring country of Argentina, and The extra high voltage transmission project with 500 kilowatts of power in Cochabamba, the First of such magnitude for the transport of electricity.

    Finally, Valle said that Ende Corporation works continuously to guarantee a system quality electric and reach the most remote rural regions of the country with this basic service.


    UCOM-MHE-14-03-2023.- Since yesterday, Bolivia began exporting electricity to Argentina through of the line of “Juana Azurduy de Padilla” transmission in 132 kilovolts (KV), the Minister of Hydrocarbons and Energies, Franklin Molina Ortiz.This fact becomes a historical milestone for the country, since never Before exported electricity.


    “This project will allow us to have a surplus of Bs1,000 million to Bs2,000 million, depending on Of the prices -of electricity-.In addition, it should be mentioned that this interconnection marks a milestone in integration of both countries and It will allow to develop a whole mechanism for exchange of electricity with added value ”, The authority said at a press conference.

    He explained that, after passing a series of tests, the line operation stage began.”This project represents the effort of our National Electricity Company (ENDE) and the companies that were part of this project, Among them Ende Andina, Ende Transmission and on the other side of the Etasa border, on behalf of the Bolivian state ”, express. Minister Franklin Molina (left) and the Deputy Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energies, Edgar Caero, during the Press conference

    In this project, which will generate income for the country, the state millions, he added. He also announced that, in the first days of April, the presidents of Bolivia, Luis Arce Catacora, and from Argentina, Alberto Fernández, will meet at the border to inaugurate this important project.

    In this project, which will generate income for the country, the state millions, he added. He also announced that, in the first days of April, the presidents of Bolivia, Luis Arce Catacora, and from Argentina,

    For this project, 120 kilometers of transmission lines and the Yaguacua substations were built, on the side Bolivian, and Tartagal, on the Argentine side, which have the capacity to inject up to 120 MW;in addition to positions 150 MVA transformation (3 × 50 + 1 × 50 MVA) in 230/132 kV, installed in the substation Yaguacua for Reduce the voltage level from 230 kV to 132 kV.

    With the sale of electricity to the brother country in Argentina, for the first time in its history, Bolivia enters the export of this service.Thus, at the head of President Luis Arce Catacora, the Government national demonstrates with management the fulfillment of the goals of giving added value to our natural resources and to diversify income for the country.


    ENDE Transmisión, Ende Corporation, he performed at the Aranjuez substation of the city of Sucre maintenance of a 69 kV switch, corresponding to a Bay of the Bank of Capacitors of said substation, fact that allows Evidence compliance with your predictive maintenance programs.All this framed in the commitment to Maintain and guarantee high availability of the transmission system that operates, part of the system Interconnected National (SIN) and thus avoid unwanted disconnections.


    “ENDE Transmisión Personnel carried out the task of disarming a court, maintenance and cleaning of contacts of an SF6 switch to guarantee its operation and thus avoid a failure during your maneuvers ”, The company’s general manager reported, Ing. Filiberto Soto Encinas.

    The manager also pointed out that “all maintenance tasks, which included disassembly, maintenance and assembly, were carried out in the same Aranjuez substation, by technical personnel belonging to the operations management and maintenance of the company, demonstrating a specialized training required for this type of jobs highly qualified”.


    UNICOM / ENDE 23-03-2023.- Energy integration within the electricity sector between Bolivia and Argentina, allowed the main electricity company in the country, to be corporation, now International, this through its subsidiary Ende Transmission Argentina S.A.(Etasa) that constitutes a agent of the wholesale electricity market of Argentina and is in charge of the operation and maintenance of the international interconnection line Juana Azurduy de Padilla in the border section until the Tartagal substation in Argentine territory.


    The ETASA company was constituted in January 2018 in order to provide the public service of International interconnection electricity transport between the Bolivia Frontier Node – Argentina and the Tartagal Transforming Station, located in the province of Salta, including its construction, operation and maintenance, as well as other activities related to facilities of the electricity industry, international interconnections and energy transport electric in international territory.

    ETASA, worked on the construction of the transmission line on the Argentine side with an extension of 73.88 km in 132 kilowatts (KV) from the border node (Bolivia) to Tartagal (Argentina), touring sections in the rural and urban area.In addition, it included the expansion of the Tartagal Transformer Station with a bay for the entrance of the line from Bolivia.

    In this way, it is now an international company and with energy integration projects with neighboring countries, there is opening for the state electricity to expand its operations to countries such as Brazil, Peru or Chile.

  • March 16, 2023

    On February 15 of the current year, the management team of management systems (quality, environment, safety and health at work and social responsibility) of Ende Transmission has carried out its annual workshop in facilities of the Regional Cochabamba, this workshop is carried out in order to plan activities, train team members and promote continuous improvement.


    On this occasion the workshop emphasized reinforcing the knowledge of the auditors in the technical part, the topics set out were:

    • Transmission systems( Ing. Ruben Marca)
    • Transmission power lines (Ing. Giuseppe Pilot)

    During the development of the workshop the theoretical training and subsequent visit to the substation, control room and substation workshop were carried out.Likewise, the audit program for the 2023 management was defined, good practices were identified and the auditors’ qualifications were delivered.


    UNICOM ENDE, 30/01/2023.- Various Municipalities and Rural communities of Beni Yay Museun a review improvement in the quality of the electrical power supply, only two months of The official inauguration of the Project “The Line of Transmission of the Troncos – Guarayos – Paraíto – Parana Trinity 230 KV”.


    This work, which uses electricity generated by renewable sources of the interconnected system National (SIN), allowed to replace diesel generation in isolated systems of Bella Vista communities, Obobayaya, Exaltación and El Carmen, in Iténez province, guaranteeing the Uninterrupted supply of electricity 24 hours thanks to the electricity of the system National Interconnected (SIN).

    Similarly, unchanged cuts were reduced by 95% in these regions from the operation of this project.

    It also increased the capacity of electric transmission to meet the growing demand in the municipalities of Yucumo, Rurrenabaque, San Borja, San Ignacio de Moxos and Trinidad reinforcing the reliability of the electricity supply.The municipalities of San Buenaventura (La Paz) and Guarayos (Santa Cruz) also benefited from the inauguration of this project, which closes the ring energy in Beni.

    The benian regions mentioned above now have the powerful ability of SIN meet new electrical demands.Interconnection to SIN opens the National Company of Electricity (ENDE) to plan new electric extension projects in the department and enables the development of new commercial ventures of the local population, which Promotes economic reactivation.

  • January 31, 2023
    UNICOM: The Bolivia Bolivia 2022 Rally sponsored by ELFEC, Delapaz and Ende Transmission ended

    The Environmental Energy Challenge “Bolivia Solar Rally 2022”, a scientific and sports competition that promotes the research and practice of electromobility, ended last week with the award to young winners.The event that was sponsored by Ende Corporation, through its companies ELFE, Delapaz and Ende Transmission.


    The result of this event gave the first place in the Strahl team, which presented the design of the R.S.Volta of the Private Universidad Boliviana Regional La Paz.Secondly, two teams were awarded for the way their project and models developed: VEMEC Hybrid Car team, with the presentation of the Helios Car vehicle design of the Boliviana Regional University La Paz and the CIEE Beni team, with the presentation of the presentation of theTrisol vehicle design of the College of Engineers of Beni.

    The activity organized by the Feicobol Foundation, Immersive S.R.L.Consultative Group and sustainable innovation was attended by research teams from universities, institutes, institutions, companies and others from the scope of technological development, for the conceptual design of cars in the hybrid category and innovation, highlighting the initiatives, and will of the use of the use ofrenewable energy.

    The support of companies in the country’s energy sector promotes the change of energy matrix in user consumption and technologies habits with the implementation of electromobility in Bolivia.